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Muðla / Milas region enables land, sea ways and railway transportation due to her location.

Sea bound shipment: The port facilities in Gulluk town of Milas province is the most important port of mine exportation.

Detailed information of Port of Güllük

There are 6 conveyor belts in Port of Güllük, each of which is capable of loading approximately 300 mt of break bulk cargo per hour as well as a liebherr ıhm 150 port crane that is capable of carrying out approximately 200 m3 of loading and unloading per hour. Loading capacity of the port with her conveyor belts and port crane is approximately 2000 mt per hour. Unloading can be carried out on up to 50 000 dwt ships.

Our currently active mining site is located at a distance of about 65 km to the port facilities. Our other developments are located at distances between 20 and 70 km to the port facilities.

Land Transport: The Milas province is connected to all corners of the country by land roads. Except for two developments, a network of land roads, village roads and forest roads provide Access and transport opportunities.

Railway Transportation: The closest railway station is located at Söke town of the City of Aydın. It is possible to utilize the railways for transportation purposes to those points where railway connection is possible.

Various freight cars or containers are used for transportation in consignments of a minimum of 500 tonne.

Our currently operating mine pit is located at a distance of about 60 km to the stock yards where loading on railway cars is carried out.